Frequently Asked Questions

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How do Dealius dashboards work?

Whether admin or broker, your personalized dashboard puts all your most important information in one place. For admin this usually means an overview of brokerage house and net commissions, total active deals, and leading brokers. For brokers this usually means a closer look at your personal pipeline, earnings, and tasks.

Why Dealius databases?

In brokerage, value is a combination of three things: people, properties, and deals. With Dealius databases, you can catalog each, building in-house comp lists, tracking leads, managing transactions, live and intuitively, in order to take control of your enterprise, grow your business, and better serve your clients.

What does Dealius automate?

Think of all the spreadsheets you have and the hours you spend calculating. That’s what Dealius automates: workflows, commissions, income, accounting, renewals, reminders — the whole thing.

What integrations does Dealius offer?

Though the Dealius API allows our suite of integrations to grow as needed, we currently integrate with the following: QuickBooks Online for accounting; RealNex for marketing; OfficeSpace for tenant referrals; and Outlook for email and contacts.

What’s Dealius Assist?

Dealius Assist is what takes Dealius from a product to a service. Standard with every account, Dealius Assist offers users all the support they need, from platform configuration and onboarding to ongoing training and live help.

Contact & Support
How can I get help with my Dealius account?

Call or email, whichever you prefer.

What does support cost?

Dealius means business, and we see what we do as a service. Our live help team is on call every day from 9 am – 5 pm (EST) Monday – Friday.

What’s Dealius Capital?

Dealius Capital is a simple and reliable source of lease commission advances for commercial brokers.