Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s Dealius?

Dealius is a real-time, cloud-based brokerage management platform (BMP) that helps commercial real estate professionals make their enterprises more efficient and predictable.

Who uses Dealius?

Dealius is used by commercial real estate brokers, administrators, owners, and staff looking to improve their enterprise be it a national brand, regional group, or independent firm.

Why Dealius?

Technology becomes a bigger part of our lives by the day, with ramifications both global and personal; meaning customers want more, faster and for less. Of course, commercial real estate is no different. With it’s real-time dashboards, enterprise databases, simple automations, and custom workflows, Dealius allows the commercial brokerage community to keep up with the needs of their customers any time, anywhere.

Contact & Support
How can I get help with my Dealius account?

Call or email, whichever you prefer.

What does support cost?

Dealius means business, and we see what we do as a service. Our live help team is on call every day from 9 am – 5 pm (EST) Monday – Friday.

What’s Dealius Capital?

Dealius Capital is a simple and reliable source of lease commission advances for commercial brokers.