Frequently Asked Questions

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Pricing & Billing

How much does Dealius cost?

Dealius pricing consists of two things: recurring license costs and a one-time onboarding fee. Neither of the two is the same for any two clients, given their different user mixes and onboarding needs, but both can be determined after a brief conversation with our team. For more about user-specific licensing costs, click here. For more about the one-time onboarding fee, click here.

How does Dealius billing work?

Dealius offers annual and monthly billing cycles, with annual plans offering 2 months free. Check out our pricing models here.

What does it cost to add accounts?

Each additional account increases your billing by the amount of the licensing fee for the respective user type, but does not incur any additional support fee. For more about our pricing, click here. For more about user-specific licensing costs, click here.

Does Dealius have a minimum user requirement?

Yes. Dealius requires at least 10 users (of any kind) to get started.

Contact & Support
How can I get help with my Dealius account?

Call or email, whichever you prefer.

What does support cost?

Dealius means business, and we see what we do as a service. Our live help team is on call every day from 9 am – 5 pm (EST) Monday – Friday.

What’s Dealius Capital?

Dealius Capital is a simple and reliable source of lease commission advances for commercial brokers.