As one of Central Kentucky’s largest Commercial Real Estate firms, automation, accuracy, and efficiency are integral parts of NAI Isaac’s operating strategy. The Dealius platform enables us to automate commission-related receivables and payables generation, effectively track commission allocations and payments, and improve the visibility of our deal flows. Dealius reporting dashboards empower our brokers to track their deal pipelines and forecast cash flows in real-time, a powerful tool aimed at motivating success.

David Woods, MSIRE, MAFM, MBA

Accounting Manager, NAI Isaac

What used to take a week now takes a day. We also love the overall look and design of the product, not to mention it’s one of the most intuitive systems we have ever seen. Dealius is affordable, flexible and easy to use and we would give it a near perfect rating.

Dani Isenberg

Chief Operating Officer, Davidson & Bogel Real Estate

We just completed two years with another vendor's product that could not give us even 50% of the bells and whistles that Dealius instantly provides. The product is very simple to use and ties together our brokers, our admin staff and accounting. Our admins and brokers enjoy the software and even say 'it's fun'. Very pleased with Dealius!

Brian Farmer

Executive Vice President, TradeMark Properties