How to Increase Broker Productivity

Commercial real estate is at its core, a relationship business. Through technology tools, real estate professionals and companies can enhance their relationships and service delivery. In other words, technology is a resource to improve service through enhancing research, analysis, marketing and productivity.

Historically, the commercial real estate industry has been slow to innovate and adopt new technologies. At the end of the day, using technology wisely means harnessing innovation to your advantage.

Technology can be a game changer and differentiator for your commercial real estate company. The right technology can provide tools that open new business paths and help you streamline office efficiency creating greater opportunity for your business to be successful. The question is, how do you choose the right tools, systems or platforms for your real estate brokerage? How can you successfully integrate the new technology? How can you help your real estate agents embrace the new tools and systems you have put in place?

Integrating new technology in your company can be challenging. What is common in almost every real estate office is the unique and diverse set of individuals on your team. Each individual in your office has a different skill set and each have varying levels of technological know how.

Delivering the technology that your brokers need, begins with understanding the tasks they face. Get to know what your brokers need by brainstorming together. Ask them which tasks have the most steps and which ones consume too much time. By educating yourself on what your brokers need you gain insight. That insight can help you chose the right tools and systems that streamline the tasks your brokers face making them more efficient and effective and most importantly more productive.